About us

We produce soldering tin for a variety of uses.

As we are a company that has been active on the market for over 25 years, you can be confident that our products are of the highest quality. The composition of all the materials we offer is regularly tested and they are certified for quality.

What do we do?

We deliver our materials to wholesalers who stock building materials and supply stained glass workshops.  We work with roofing specialists and individual clients.  We deliver our materials to our clients quickly, including small orders, and are flexible with orders and delivery methods.

Our products:

We offer alloys with various proportions of tin and lead.  We also offer our clients pure tin for casting or tin-plating.  The solder is in the form of triangular 40cm cast bars, which can be thick or thin.

Contact us:

We would be glad to start a long-term working relationship. You can contact us on:

/ biuro@lc60.com.pl

/ Ewa Rewieńska, tel. 502 685 420
/ Kamil Rewieński, tel. 600 377 833


LC 60
Pure tin
Tin Sn99 Cu1

LC60 is our brand, which supplies our clients with soldering tin, produced by a 25 year-old family business.


Our aim is to maintain a long-term working relationship and mutual trust.


We aim to support local craftsmanship. We value our work with stained glass workshops and our solder works very well with tiffany technique.

Let’s keep in touch

How to find us

  • e-mail[javascript protected email address]
  • telephone502 685 420